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Common problems and maintenance methods of door closers

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Common problems and maintenance methods of door closers

Sometimes after a period of operation of the door closer will have some problems, so when there is a problem we should how to repair it? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

  • Common problems

  • The usage and maintenance of door closers

Common problems

1) Loose or missing mounting screws, resulting in incorrectly installed door closers and damaged connecting arms.

(2) Door closer operation after a period of time, the strength of the adjustment effect becomes worse, the occurrence of the door and the door frame between the impact, resulting in door body deformation.

From the structural point of view, the door closer is a closed whole set, from the appearance of the basic ,we can not see its quality is good or bad.

The most critical quality issue of fire door closers is oil leakage, because the door closer is dependent on the oil throttling in its internal hydraulic system to achieve control of the closing process, oil leakage means the failure of the hydraulic system, so the hydraulic system is the most important criterion to determine the service life of the door closer.

The most important reasons for oil leakage are the wear of the pinion support guide increasing the gap, the wear of the seal ring leading to a decrease in the sealing effect, or the counterclockwise rotation of the throttle spool away from the valve body when adjust the valve.

Reduced performance of the closer is caused by air ingress due to oil leakage or increased clearance (throttling) between the guide surface of the rack and pinion plunger and the valve body. Therefore, the quality and accuracy of the pinion, the support guide material, heat treatment and machining are very important.

For the poor performance of the hydraulic door closer, rely on adjusting the throttle spool alone to throttle, is not the fundamental solution. If the oil is leaking at the support rail, remove the support rail and check the condition of the seal ring, if there is wear or aging failure, the seal ring can be replaced. If the clearance between the support guide and the pinion shaft is too large, the support guide should be replaced. If the guiding plunger surface of the rack plunger is worn, the clearance between the valve body increases and the throttling effect decreases, the rack plunger can be removed and repaired by surface chrome plating. In addition, to ensure the buffer effect of the door closer, change to a softer spring, is also a way to reduce the impact of the door on the door frame due to the buffer effect becomes worse.

The use, maintenance and repair of door closers

Newly installed door closers should be checked for all screws and retightened once after a week to about ten days of use. We should use the hydraulic oil recommended by the manufacturer, and for cold areas we should use low condensation point hydraulic oil.

The invisible door closer should be checked regularly after it is put into use. The check list contains whether the installation screws are loose and lost, whether the connecting arm is rubbing against the door body or door frame, whether the door body is deformed and loose, the closing effect when closing the door, whether the support guide piece is leaking oil, etc.

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