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Floor spring advice and considerations

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Floor spring advice and considerations

Apartment floor spring is not only widely used in the construction industry, but it is also a prop that we often use when installing doors, so how do we choose a floor spring in the home, what do we need to pay attention to in the installation process, when slotting? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l Floor spring's purchase advice.

l Notes on the installation of floor springs.

l Floor spring slotting notes.

Floor spring's purchase advice.

First, choose the right load-bearing floor springload-bearing too large, it increases the overall cost of the purchase, and too heavy to get the desired effect of opening the door; load-bearing too light, it is easy to affect the service life of hotel floor spring. Secondly, in the selection of Floor spring is required to consider the climate factors, in cold areas should choose an anti-freeze hydraulic oil floor spring, to avoid the temperature being too low to make the Floor spring cannot operate normally. Thirdly, if the door is outdoors, a double-cylinder floor spring should be used. For external wind factors, a double-cylinder floor spring has an advantage over a single-cylinder floor spring in terms of positioning.

Notes on the installation of floor springs.

Firstly, the size of the groove should be appropriate, not too large or too small, too large affect the elegance, too small is a less stable material, the firm is not firm. Second, the floor spring axis position must be correct, must use the plumb line or other things to find the vertical line. Thirdly, the cement or quick-drying powder used for stabilization should be of the right thickness to ensure the strength of the stable Floor spring. Fourth, after slotting and stabilizing the floor spring, the cement or quick-drying powder must be sufficiently strong before installing the door body to stop the office floor spring from shifting and causing rework.

Floor spring slotting notes.

First, the slotting should pay attention to the size of the master, not too big or too small, the size is too small is not firm, the size is too big will affect the sense of view. Secondly, to determine the position of the floor spring axis, it is necessary to measure it with the help of a plumb line to ensure accuracy. Thirdly, to ensure the effective stability of the shop floor spring, it is important to pay attention to the consistency of the cement or quick-drying powder used. Fourthly, it is best not to install the door immediately after the floor spring has been stabilized, but to wait until the cement has developed sufficient strength before installing it, to effectively avoid the occurrence of displacement.

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