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Floor spring replacement methods and maintenance tips

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Floor spring replacement methods and maintenance tips

In modern homes, the use of glass doors is becoming more and more common, balconies, bedrooms, and bathrooms can be seen everywhere the figure of glass doors, the use of glass doors need to be installed glass door floor spring, floor spring can be very good to protect the safety of our glass doors. So when the floor spring breaks down over time, how can the Floor spring be replaced? To extend the use of Floor springtime, floor spring how maintained? Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

l How to replace the floor spring?

l Maintenance tips for Floor spring.

How to replace the floor spring?

Firstly, remove the core plate from the glass door with screws, then lift the glass door. Use the screws to remove the four screws on the shop floor spring and then take out the floor spring. The deviation of the floor spring is recorded and the standard position crosshairs are marked on the floor spring to be replaced. The damaged floor spring and the surrounding grooves are then chiseled out and cleaned with a damp cloth immediately afterward. Then use a brush with water to paint around the groove, make it wet, and then brush again with plain cement slurry or interface agent.

The new floor spring is then placed in place according to the marked crosshairs and fixed with small wooden wedges around it. Mix 1:15 cement and coarse sand "dry cement mortar" according to the amount needed, the degree of dryness should be such that you can feel the dampness with your hand, if it is too wet, it cannot play the role of immediate fixing of the floor spring, then fill the groove in layers, fill it with a hammer and steel burin to hit the dense, the real operation process should be checked in layers to see if the position of the office floor spring is accurate. The position of the spring should be checked at each level during the real operation to see if it is accurate and adjusted at any time if there is a displacement phenomenon. To be filled to level with the ground level, hammer hammering flat and then use iron trowel slightly add water smoothing can be done. If there is a ground tile surface layer, as long as the brown surface layer is on a layer of thin cement slurry, you can set the ground tile surface layer. After checking the front and back, left and right, and height deviation before finishing, cover the top with a layer of plastic sheeting to preserve the moisture.

Maintenance tips for Floor spring.

Regarding the maintenance of the floor spring, we would like to remind you that firstly, the Floor spring should not be immersed in water. Second, the switching speed is not too fast, you should adjust the speed knob promptly, such as no response should check whether the floor spring oil leakage, such as oil leakage, please replace promptly. Thirdly, do not apply external force to the floor spring during the return process, as this may lead to damage to the internal components. Fourthly, the speed and positioning of the door will change after a long period, just readjust it. It is particularly important to maintain the apartment floor spring in the process of using it so that it can be used for a longer period.

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