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Floor spring structure and adjustment method

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Floor spring structure and adjustment method

The floor spring is a hydraulic door closer, except that the spring is held down by a worm wheel rather than a gear or rack. The technical key to the floor spring is the load-bearing seat on the lower part of the spindle, which determines the load-bearing level of the floor spring. Next, we take a look at the structural components and adjustment methods of the shop floor spring. Here are some answers.

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l The structure of the floor spring.

l How do I adjust the Floor spring?

The structure of the floor spring.

Floor spring specifications are many, floor spring is based on the size and weight of the door to select the choice of floor spring primary for the weight of the glass door to select different types of Floor spring. Floor spring's basic configuration is the sky axis and the ground axis (or called the foot). The Floor spring in the upper part of the door that connects the door frame to the door sash consists of a bolt-adjustable pin-type shaft fixed to the door sash and a sleeve fixed to the door sash. Office floor spring is a superbly crafted and highly functional unit suitable for ordinary and toughened glass, wooden, and aluminum doors in hotels, shops, and offices and is guaranteed to last for 1000,000 cycles.

How do I adjust the Floor spring?

How to solve the problem that the floor spring cushioning effect is the too loose. Apartment floor spring has two adjustment valves to adjust the speed. The first speed and the second speed of the adjustment valve each independent speed can be adjusted, its speed can be divided into closing degrees (first speed) and locking speed (second speed). General closing speed range is 90 to 20 degrees, locking speed is 20 to 0 degrees. The basic principle of speed adjustment is: the first speed is slightly faster than the second speed, the door must slow down after entering the second speed, so as not to touch the heel of the pedestrian.

How to solve the problem that the floor spring cushioning effect is too tight. It is mostly caused axial oil leakage and weakened elasticity. If the axis of the sky shaft and the floor spring spindle is not strictly perpendicular to the ground, the movement of the door will bring great torsion to the floor spring, increasing the wear between the spindle and the bearing and eventually leading to axial oil leakage. Inevitably, the spring will lose its spring force after a long stretching movement, and this can only be repaired with a new floor spring. If it is not a case of oil leakage and weakening of the spring, this can be solved by adjusting the first and second-speed adjustment valves, which is the opposite of the principle of loosening the hotel floor spring.

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