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How floor springs work and how they are installed

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How floor springs work and how they are installed

Floor springs have many uses and are well known to many consumers. Hotel floor springs have worm gear that can rotate in both directions, which is why they are generally used in the external doors of banks and companies to make it easier for people to get in and out. Next, let's take a look at the working principle of floor springs and the installation and construction methods. Here are some answers.

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l The working principle of Floor spring.

l Floor spring installation and construction methods.

The working principle of Floor spring.

The apartment floor spring is divided into two parts: the floor shaft is fixed to the door frame and the sky shaft is used to connect the door to the door frame. The release of the spring pressure pushes the overhead shaft, thus allowing the door to close freely. The technology of the floor spring is mainly made in the city under the spindle, which determines how much weight the floor spring can bear, the door width and wind pressure are also important for the selection of the floor spring. The quality of the floor spring is highly dependent on the structural design and machining accuracy. Floor springs are designed to hold the door and support the weight of the door and are developed within a range of 180 degrees, so care must be taken not to let the door open or close and injure people.

Floor spring installation and construction methods.

Determining the slotting position

First, take out the main body of the floor spring and place it roughly in the pre-determined installation position. At this point take a plumb line and place a plumb line from the center of the circle of the top shaft of the office floor spring, then move the position of the floor spring so that the center of the plumb body is placed exactly at the center mark of the flat shaft of the Floor spring and pay attention to the verticality of the floor spring in four directions: horizontal, front, back, left and right, then trace the outline of the floor spring body.


The floor spring is then cut to a depth of approximately 3 to 5mm using an angle grinder. The floor material in the shop floor spring outline area is then excavated with a hammer or hand chisel, which can be used repeatedly with an angle grinder, hammer, and chisel, using a chisel for fine areas, a hammer for larger pieces of material, and an angle grinder for border areas.

Stabilizing the floor spring body

When the floor spring body is fully seated in the groove, the floor spring body can be stabilized, but cement can also be used, although it will take longer to set. Remove the floor spring body, add the appropriate amount of quick-drying powder to the groove, mix with water until it is the right consistency, then place the floor spring body, hit the glass door floor spring with a rubber hammer or a wooden block, and then hit the floor spring with a hammer so that the surface of the floor spring is level with the surrounding ground, then take a plumb line to find the position of the floor spring axis and fine-tune the floor spring body. The floor spring body is then fine-tuned.

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