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How to choose door closers correctly?

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How to choose door closers correctly?

Door closer products must meet the national standard GB2698-2005, fire door closers should also meet the requirements of GA93-1995 "fire door closers test". So what factors should be considered when choosing a door closer? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

  • The width and weight of the door

  • Open frequency of the door

  • Environment of use

The width and weight of the door

The width and weight of the door is the most important factor in choosing the door closer model, common doors are fire doors, wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, steel doors, etc.. Usually, the weight of the door is small, choose a model with less power, and vice versa.

Open frequency of the door

The frequency of opening the door is a factor closely related to the quality of the product. For the occasion of frequent use, the sealing performance of the product should be required to be good and the life should be long.

(1) Whether the door needs to have an automatic stop function after opening.

(2)Back check function - fast open the door to a certain position after the damping buffer, and damping buffer force and range can be adjusted according to the use of their own requirements; this function is used to prevent the door or lock from colliding with the wall when the door is opened quickly, or emergency escape to prevent the door from opening quickly when people lose weight and tilt forward and fall to the ground.

(3) Delay action - The door opens from the maximum position and closes slowly at a constant speed, infinitely adjustable as required, it is suitable for use in places with frequent access and a large number of people, especially in hospitals, the elderly, children and disabled access doors and passages.

(4) Adjustable closing force - can be used for different doors with a wide range of door weights and door widths, as well as in places where closing resistance is high due to environmental reasons. Arbitrary stepless adjustment can obtain satisfactory closing force, especially in seaside cities, cars and boats and other places affected by wind and closing resistance (door force) changes from time to time.

(5) damping reset function of the temporary closing performance (vertical door closer) - in the opening of any angle, close the speed control valve should be able to temporarily suspend the damping reset function.

(6) safe and fast ultra-damped closing performance (vertical door closer) - in the process of closing any angle suddenly applied external force, should be able to safely and quickly close.

Environment of use

Automatic Door Closer need to meet the fire protection requirements and in winter -35 ° below the freezing requirements of the premises.

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