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How to install the door closer?

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How to install the door closer?

The most commonly used door closers are external closers, which are installed in the following ways.

Here is the content list:

  • Door closer installation methods

  • Door closer installation steps

Door closer installation methods

Door closers are generally divided into 3 types of installation

Option A - Regular Arm Installation

Option B - Top Jamb Installation

Option C-Parallel Arm Installation

Door closer installation steps

Due to the different ways of various installation methods, this is Option A - Regular Arm Installation:

1.Using the measurements from door closer diagram ,mark screw hole center locations. Mark four(4)hole locations on door for door closer and two(2)hole locations on frame for arm shoe.

2.Drill pilot holes in door and frame, drill 7/32”(5.5mm)diameter holes for wood screws or drill and tap #7(.201”diameter)for 1/4-20 machine screws.

3.Install adjustable forearm/arm shoe to frame using screws(c)or(d).

4.Mount closer on door using screws(a)or(b).SPEED ADJUSTING VALVES MUST BE POSITIONED TOWARDHINGE SIDE. 5.Install main arm to top pinion shaft, perpendicular to door. Secure tightly with arm screw/washer(e).

6.Adjust closing speed

7.Snap pinion cap over shaft at bottom of closer or install cover.

Specific installation methods, please refer to the specific models of each manual.

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