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In 2020, the "Oubao Charity Education Fund" was held again, 15 underachievers were funded

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In 2020, the "Oubao Charity Education Fund" was held again, 15 underachievers were funded

On the morning of August 20th, Oubao Company held the 2020 "Oubao Charity Grants" distribution ceremony in the conference room on the fifth floor of the office building. Oubao founder Chen Endi, Lishui Industrial Park Management Committee Director and Party Secretary Jin Weijun, Bihu Town Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Wu Haixia, District Charity Federation Zhu Zuxin and related leaders attended the ceremony.

    At the granting ceremony, the founder of Oubao, Mr. Chen Endi, personally delivered the grants to each student, and encouraged them to start from themselves, and strive to read well, be a good person, take a good path, and be self-confident and self-reliant. , To inherit love, to be a person who is beneficial to society and can add luster to society, and live up to the expectations of all sectors of society and parents and elders. I also wish all students success and success in their studies during their stay at school.



    It is understood that the "Oubao Charity Scholarship" was jointly initiated and funded by the founder of Oubao, Mr. Chen Endi and the chairman of the Board, Xiaojian Chen, and it has been held for 12 sessions. Over the past twelve years, Oubao has continuously injected new funds into the "Oubao Charity Education Fund" to help more needy students in need. Up to now, the "Oubao Charity Education Fund" has issued nearly 900,000 bursaries and subsidized more than 200 students in need. More than 30 students who were initially aided have already stepped into the society, participated in work, and some are even parents. It is precisely with this experience of being aided that they will also actively help others in their current work and life. This is the transmission of love and the true meaning of "Oubao Charity Education Fund".


    For more than 30 years, Oubao has always adhered to the business philosophy of "kindness and virtue, and good deeds to benefit the people", and has not forgotten to give back to the society and fulfill social responsibilities while the company continues to develop. In the future, Oubao will continue to carry out in-depth social welfare activities such as poverty alleviation, bridge paving, and love to help students to help students on their way to school. While encouraging students to study hard, they also contribute to charity.

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