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Introduction to door closer

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Introduction to door closer

Automatic door closer may be a spring-like hydraulic device on the top of the door, once the door is opened is often discharged by compression, the door can mechanically shut, there is like a spring door role, can ensure that the door is opened, accurate and timely close to the initial position. So what is the principle and function of the door closer? The following are the details.

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  • Door closer working principle

  • The role of door closers

Door closer working principle

The working principle of the automatic door closer is: when the door is opened, the door body drives the connecting rod action and makes the transmission gear rotate, driving the rack plunger to the right. The spring is compressed throughout the rightward movement of the plunger, and therefore the hydraulic oil within the right chamber is additionally compressed. The check valve sphere on the left side of the plunger opens under the action of oil pressure, and the hydraulic oil in the right cavity flows into the left cavity through the check valve. When the method of the gap the door is completed, because the spring is compressed throughout the gap method, the accumulated elastic P.E. is discharged, pushing the plunger to the left, driving the transmission gear and the door closer connecting rod rotation, so that the door is closed.

In the spring release process, as the hydraulic oil in the left chamber of the door closer is compressed, the check valve is closed, the hydraulic oil can only flow out through the gap between the shell and the plunger, and through the small hole in the plunger and the two flow channels equipped with throttle spool back to the right chamber. Thus the hydraulic oil constitutes a resistance to the spring release, i.e. the effect of cushioning is achieved by throttling so that the speed of door closing is controlled. The accelerator on the valve body is often adjusted to manage a variable closing speed for various stroke segments. Although there are differences in the structure and size of door closers produced by different manufacturers, the principle is the same.

The role of door closers

The significance of the hydraulic door closer is not only to close the door automatically but also to protect the door frame and door body (smooth closure), more importantly, the door closer has become a modern building intelligent management of a non-negligible part of the implementation. Fire door closers are mainly used in commercial and public buildings, but also in homes. They have several uses, the foremost necessary of that is to form the door within reach itself to limit the unfold of fireside and ventilation within the building.

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